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A Bit About Susan Dykstra

Raised on a dairy farm outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Susan Dykstra has had a passion for photography and a love for the beauty of nature around her since her childhood. Through the years, she has become a master nature photographer, learning the technical side, by reading and absorbing many publications on her craft from world class nature photographers like John Shaw, Boyd Norton and Tim Fitzharris. Becoming her life's passion, Susan strives to make people stop and become aware of the beauty in the landscape that surrounds them where ever they live. She conveys a spiritual mood in her photos, a sense of connection and images that tell a story in her unique scenes and landscapes captured through her lens.

Specializing in fine art and nature photography, she has won several photo contests and many awards of which her latest was the Photographic Artist of the Year 2015 and Tibor Horvath Award of Excellence 2015 from the PPOC-ON (Professional Photographers of Canada).. and PPOC-ON Photographic Art of the Year 2016, Susan has placed in the top 50 list of Epson Pano Awards 2016 held in Australia coming in 25th of 4545 entries from 60 different countries. She donations of her work and time to many local organizations for fundraisers, which has been appreciated by many. Her work has graced every cover of Thunder Bay's own "BayView" magazine since 2009. Her images have also appeared in publications of "Natures Best" magazine and "Lake Superior" magazine.

Dykstra's favourite time of year to photograph, is the crisp cold. mid winter when temperatures plunge, revealing the magic of ice, wind and snow on the landscape…. the way it enhances the trees, the grasses and the north shores of Lake Superior or when the northern lights and star trails dance across her lens and into her work.

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